Break Free Program


The best way to create the opportunity for important changes is to have the right commitment and structure of support.
If you’re ready to invest in yourself  in order to resolve the tension and the gap between your current life and the one you are striving for, then you have arrived at the right place.
You will receive the maximum benefit from my coaching system in a confidential, supportive and safe space.

My 5 step Break Free System

I will help you:

  1. Clarify your vision and direction.
  2. Strategize your actions.
  3. Get rid of imposed harmful beliefs that will allow you to make new beneficial decisions.
  4. Optimize your environment and improve your relationships.
  5. Become the captain of your life.

I use a proven process of different complementary methods that produce rapid, tangible and long-lasting results.
Here are the tools I use in my specially crafted and supportive system that helps you create transformative and incremental change:

  1. The Emotion Code technique, where I rapidly identify and definitely release harmful emotional energies from negative past events.
  2. Personal  Coaching to implement your shifts, where I guide you through clear vision to uncover your true self, and support you until you attain your ultimate results.
  3. Action-oriented Assignments tailored to your needs and choices. After each session, you will choose a challenge for the next week, whether small or big. These are meant to change a perception or a habit of yours, and shift you out of your problem and into your vision. 
  4. Progress Journal to reference and support the work we do.